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Clarke Field Recreation Area - Clarke Field Little League Field


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Clarke Field Recreation Area
Clarke Field Little League Field
Clarke Field Multi-Use
Clarke Field Courts
Clarke Field Basketball Court
Clarke Field Playground

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Facility Area Information

35 Clarke Road
Sagamore Beach, MA 02562

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Rate:  $50/up to 2 hour time block

Registered Non-Profit:  $40/up to 2 hour time block
                                          $400/10 or more 2 hour time blocks

Important Information
The requesting group must have an account on  Accounts should be set up for the organization, not an individual household.

Requests are pending and will not be approved without receipt of the following:
    1. Indemnification and Release (Acknowledged during online request process)
    2. Copy of Certificate of Insurance.  Coverage will be required in the minimum amounts of $2,000,000 per person, $3,000,000 per occurrence for all private groups/organizations.  The Town of Bourne must be named as an Additional Insured.  Proof of insurance must be uploaded to your account prior to your request.
Any non-profit group must submit the following:
    1. Copy of current Non-Profit Certification (Upload to your account prior to request)
Once the above listed documents are received, the request will be reviewed by the Recreation Department.  Notification of the status will be sent to the email listed on the account.Once approved, full payment must be made prior to the permit start date.  There are no refunds for dates reserved and not used.

Rules & Regulations
Rules and Regulations:
Unauthorized use of Town facilities for organized activities is not permitted, and may be cause to have any current permit revoked.  Permits are issued for the outdoor space only and do not include access to storage areas or equipment unless specified by the Town.  Permission for the use of Town facilities shall not be granted for any purpose that will, in any way, interfere with their use by the Town.
Subletting your scheduled field time to another group or organization is strictly prohibited and will result in permit revocation.
For profit use will be restricted to league play.  No private instruction, clinics or workshops are allowed on Town property (ballfields, courts, beaches etc.).
All leagues must show compliance with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts CORI policies and procedures.
All coaches, parents and spectators must adhere to the individual league’s Code of Conduct.  The Town of Bourne reserves the right to deny access to permitted events to individuals who have violated the Code of Conduct. 
Routine maintenance will be scheduled at the discretion of the Town, and may affect any previously approved permit schedule.  The Town will do it’s best to provide 24 hours notice of any cancellations.  Only Town issued locks may be used on any facility. 
Cancellation because of inclement weather will be at the discretion of the Town of Bourne.  Organizations should make sensible decisions regarding play during inclement weather.  If there are puddles, standing water, or water forming when someone steps on the field, practices or games must be cancelled. 
At the end of the season, all organizations are required to leave the property in the condition that it was in at the beginning of the season.  The Town will determine what, if any action needs to be taken by an organization in regards to maintenance or repairs.  The Town of Bourne
reserves the right to cancel any activity at any time for any reason.  The Town of Bourne will make every attempt to provide 24 hour notice in the event of cancellation.
All Town recreational facilities are to remain open and available for use by the general public when not permitted for specific group use.
No placards of a commercial nature may be displayed on Town property without prior permission from the Board of Selectman.
Any person or organization granted the use of Town property shall assume full liability for any damage to the property, injury to participants, damage to or loss of equipment.  If the person or organization applying shall not be deemed to be of sufficient responsibility, no permission will be granted.
A permit may be canceled if its provisions or intent are violated in any manner.
The use of Town property must not violate any local, state, or federal law or regulation, and any such violation shall be deemed sufficient cause for the refusal of any subsequent application by the person or organization involved. 
There is a carry-in, carry-out policy for trash.  All trash must be removed by the permitted group at the end of the event.
Alcoholic beverages are not permitted on Town property.  Vehicles are not allowed on the fields.
Maintenance Request Forms must be completed and approved by the Town prior to work on Town property.  Exclusions are routine mowing and field lining by the permitted league. Outside contractors are not permitted to perform work on Town property without prior written approval from the Town.

Application Deadlines & Scheduling Priorities
Application Deadlines:
May 1st: Summer Season Activities (End of school until the beginning of school)
August 1st:  Fall Season Activities (Beginning of school until November 1st)
February 1st:  Spring Season Activities (April 1st until the last day of school)
*Any group requesting use of the fields prior to April 1st must obtain permission from both the Department of Public Works and the Recreation Department. 
All applications need to be submitted at least 7 days prior to requested day.
Groups wishing to use Town Property for fundraising purposes must submit an online facility request.

Scheduling Priorities:
Town of Bourne Recreation Department sanctioned or sponsored functions, activities, or events will take precedent over all other events or activities.  The Bourne Public Schools or school sponsored organizations will have priority in scheduling after the Town of Bourne Recreation Department. After that, priority will be as follows:  in-town non-profit youth groups, in-town non-profit adult groups, out of town non-profit youth groups, out of town non-profit adult groups, for profit youth groups (private), for profit adult groups (private).  Availability of fields is not a guarantee of approval for use. 
In order for an organization to receive the appropriate priority in scheduling, all requests must be received by the above deadlines.  After the deadline, the Town reserves the right to permit facilities to groups with lower priority.

Reservations & Activities

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